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Instrumental- Stop and Stare

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What I need to work on!

I think that working on my video since the past week has brought me a long way … yet I’m still having some difficulties. I am going to figure it out tomorrow and work on exporting it. I think that working on my last reflective essay is going to be hard because combining all my thoughts together. 



Health blogs can be a good way to remain existing on what’s up in medicine. Numerous of the prime physicians in The united states both have blogs of their personal, or post frequently to the more established blogs. 

Some of the blogs are designed as support methods for other people with a specific condition or interest. Cancer patients, chronic fatigue patients, and mental health patients are some of the more avid bloggers in these niches.
A lot of physicians also have blogs. Some of these are largely created as ways to vent their anger or dissatisfaction at huge pharma, the health insurance coverage system, or health care reform efforts. Other folks are locations to create sensational or emotionally infused posts in their spot of curiosity. Some even though are exceptional blogs the place excellent data for patients and other health care suppliers is put out there for public consumption and comment.

On numerous of these blogs the comments are at least as intriguing as the publish alone. Physicians usually comment extensively on a lot of of the greater blogs. Patients typically have a exceptional stage of see that will help retain the human being who writes the weblog on their toes.

Overeating after Exercising?

I was reading the news this past week and it was saying how after exercising many tend to set their mind on food and start feeling hungry. Its basically how your brain responds to the sight. I think that I tend to get hungry after exercising especially after burning a couple hundred calories… I also tend to get a lot more hungrier after a workout. But, eating fruits or some healthy snacks shouldn’t hurt 🙂

Internet Ethical or Unethical use?

I think that everyone now uses the internet in an unethical way .. I do it sometimes.. by getting music or taking pictures to use on some assignment for school or something. Yes, the current copyright laws are working well but they can do better. I really dont know what should be changed … unless everyone just starts using it in a bad way or form.

GMF Video

What inspired me in this video is that how this took place like how they explained all the factors to what is going on and what we need to do to accomplish such needs. If its bad or good.. and so on. This is basically why this inspired me when I watched this video.

Risk Taking?

An article recently posted on the Harvard Business Review‘s blog struck a chord in me. It stresses that, often, a corporation’s ”core control mechanisms — the means by which it decides how to allocate resources, start and stop projects, and so on — are organized to do one thing: Minimize mistakes”.

I don’t think that such an organization is fundamentally more courageous than the others; it is only more lucid. As a matter of fact, all human beings make mistakes. Minimizing risk by fear of making mistakes is wishful thinking. Hence, it’s better to make mistakes by taking risks – for example… creating more opportunities to improve or even take it to the next level – than by being careful.

The strongest p…

The strongest part in my draft is probably my body paragraphs because I go into detail! I wouldnt yet give it a strong grade because its not yet completed or revised I still have a lot to work on. The editing and revising that needs to be done are details. This would strengthen my paper by making it more adhesive. 

Who Shouldnt eat gluten?

If you are going to be tested for celiac disease do it before going gluten free on your own or you might not react to the blood test.

But if you’re like a growing number of us are, intolerant to gluten instead of having celiac disease, try eliminating gluten and see how you feel.  Then slowly add foods back in and keep a diary of your symptoms.

I have an intolerance to wheat but can eat spelt and oat flour.  See what works and doesn’t work for you before spending lots of money on gluten free products.

And remember, just because it’s gluten free down not mean it’s healthy!  Watch your portions and don’t fall into the same track that snagged us years ago with the “fat-free” craze.  These “fat-free” foods had tons of sugar and caused people to gain, not lose, weight.